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Hi, this is Reshma here and today I will share my paneer maggie masala noodle recipe with you all. Hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time reading this recipe. So, let's jump to the recipe in detail.

Paneer Maggie Masala Noodles Recipe

What Is Paneer Maggie Masala Noodles?

Maggie Noodles taste delicious when you make it the nutritious and healthy way. To make it healthier and nutritious, I tend to cook Maggie noodles with chunks of rainbow-colored vegetables and try to make them packed with protein. the muscle power- Paneer or cottage cheese or Indian cheese chunks as you call it are used here. It’s a good option for vegetarians too. People find vegetables raw or cooked simply, boiled or blanched, especially very boring to eat.

How To Make Paneer Maggie Masala Noodles?

To make it more tasty and yummy and full of nutrition, one can cook or add vegetables and mix it with masala noodles ( Maggie ) with lots of colorful and different vegetables and paneer, the cottage cheese which makes it more delicious and tasty, healthy, nutritious and a perfect brunch or an evening snack, or a party snack as well.


*All the ingredients may change as per servings. [4 Plates]

No. Name Quantity
1 Maggie Masala Noodles 100 gms
2 Maggie Masala Powder 1 sachet
3 Red Capsicum Or Shimla Mirch (Chopped) 50 gms
4 Green Capsicum Or Shimla Mirch (Chopped) 50 gms
5 Yellow Capsicum Or Shimla Mirch(Chopped) 50 gms
6 Paneer Chunks (Thaw In Warm Water) 100 gms
7 Chopped Carrots 1 cup
8 Chopped Beetroots 1 cup
9 Onion (Finely Chopped) 1 pcs
10 Tomato (Finely Chopped) 1 pcs
11 French Beans Chopped few strings
12 Fresh Green Peas as needed
13 Green Chilies Slit And Pepper as per taste
14 Salt as needed
15 Oil 1 tbsp
16 Butter 1 scoop
17 Grated Cheese to taste
18 Cilantro Or Coriander Leaves as needed

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Step By Step Process:

Here are the steps to follow below.

#1. Take raw paneer first. Thaw it in warm water and then drain the water off.

#2. Now after draining the water off, take the paneer and cut it into big cubes or squares.

#3. Take a pan, add a little butter to it, Place the paneer cubes on it.

#4. Fry the paneer cubes well on one side and then flip it to the other side and fry it well.

#5. After the paneer cubes are fried well, you may keep them aside.

Masala Maggie Recipe

#6. Take a frying pan or a cooking pan.

#7. Put 1 tbsp of oil in the pan.

#8. Add a scoop of butter for creamy taste and texture.

#9. Add all the chopped vegetables like carrots, onions, French beans, beetroots, tomatoes, green peas in it, along with chilies.

#10. Cook it on a low to medium flame.

#11. Pour 1 to 2 cups of water into the vegetable mix.

#12. Put the Maggie sachet masala into the cooking pan.

#13. Break the Maggie noodles and slowly put them into the cooking pan.

#14. Now, you can add salt and pepper if required according to your taste and preferences.

#15. Saute it well on a low to medium flame.

Maggi Noodles

#16. Cook all the mixture of noodles, masala, and veggies well.

#17. Let it blend and mix well with the whole masala so that you get the aroma of the noodles.

#18. Grate some cheese over the Maggie being cooked for that creamy cheesy texture.

#19. Place the hot piping paneer slices or cubes on the noodles for garnish.

#20. Chop some fresh green cilantro or coriander leaves and garnish them all over.

#21. Mummy’s Maggie masala is now ready. Place all the Maggie bowls and forks together.

Maggi Noodles Recipe

#22. Serve it with hot and sour tomato soup.

#23. Relish your Maggie noodles, eat when it's hot... It simply tastes yummy.

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Mistakes To Avoid:

Always avoid these mistakes for making this recipe.

1. Always cook the noodles with little oil so that it does not stick and noodles are separate.

2. Make sure you add a lot of vegetables and any kind of protein to make it nutritional dense.

3. Pour water accordingly so that it does not get overcooked or less cooked.

4. Since it’s Maggie noodles, you can have it for snack time.

5. You can have Maggie noodles twice a month, not every day.

6. Cook on a medium to a high flame.... keep observing, make it low as water reduces.

7. Make sure you have the Maggie noodles, when it's piping hot, if you wait till it gets cooled down, it loses its taste and will be boring to eat.

8. Paneer should be fried separately on the pan as paneer slices or cubes and must not be mixed while cooking Maggie noodles with masala and vegetables. This also looks presentable while serving the Maggie masala noodles dish, with paneer.

9. Use fresh paneer from the market or it's best if you make it at home as well.

10. To make paneer at home, you can simply squeeze a piece of lemon into boiled milk, it will split Throw the water and collect all the cream of the milk, it's called paneer. You need to set it in a rectangular or square-shaped box and keep it for 30 mins before making Maggie paneer masala so that it's set that way and then cut it into square or rectangular shapes or cubes.

Additional Information:

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

Cooking Time: 45 Minutes

Recipe Type: Soup

Recipe Origin: Indian

Recipe Variants: Schezwan Noodles, Hakka Noodles, Thai Noodles, etc.

Best For Served With: Any Hot And Sour Soup

Our Ratings: (4/5) (42)

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Advantages Of Paneer Maggie Masala Noodles:

1. It is quick to make recipes with easy steps.

2. All the ingredients always available in the market are also cheap.

3. It is a kind of traditional or, daily cooked recipe in India.

Disadvantages Of Paneer Maggie Masala Noodles:

1. It can not be stored for a long time.

2. It is a fully vegetarian recipe so sometimes non-vegetarians don't like this recipe.

3. Who is allergic to milk products like paneer they don't eat this recipe as well.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Container

*Percentages Are Based On A Diet Of 2000 Calories A Day.

No. Name Quantity
1 Calories 798 cal
2 Carbs 102 g
3 Dietary Fiber 18 g
4 Sugar 0 g
5 Fat 29 g
6 Saturated 0 g
7 Polyunsaturated 0 g
8 Monounsaturated 0 g
9 Trans 0 g
10 Protein 32 g
11 Sodium 0 mg
12 Potassium 0 mg
13 Cholesterol 0 mg
14 Vitamin A 0 %
15 Vitamin C 0 %
16 Calcium 0 %
17 Iron 0 %

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Well, Maggie Noodles in any form is considered to be a fast-food snack. So, it’s important to make it more nutritious and tasty. To make it nutritious it’s important to add all kinds of colorful vegetables, good fats like olive or flaxseed oil. You can make it with any protein source like Soya, paneer, chicken chunks, etc to make it protein-rich and add the butter and cheese to make it yummy and to get calcium and other multi-minerals. It can be used as a party snack, not to be eaten regularly.

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