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As a Bengali person, I always like to eat sweet dishes then it's come to my mind that I should have to cook delicious kheer at home and I'm in. After making this sweet dish I shared my own recipe in this post, I hope you will enjoy it.

Kheer Recipe

What Is Kheer?

Kheer is perhaps the oldest and easiest dessert of India, craved forever. Having its route in ancient Aryan times, kheer is also prepared for inauspicious occasions. Primarily made with sweetened milk and rice, it is also known as PARAMANNA since milk is the foremost food of human beings considered giving utmost pleasure PARAMASUKHA to the palette.

How To Make Kheer?

Indian history and mythology ring with different tales dealing with kheer and its importance. Different innovations have been made with time to this primal sweet delicacy and rice is being replaced by fruits, lotus seeds, semolina, tapioca pearls(sago), and so on with milk being the constant primary ingredient.

Even milk boiled, sweetened, and reduced to thick consistency is also termed as kheer in popular Bengali cuisine culture. The sweetness is delivered either by sugar, jaggery, honey even ranging to dietary sweet supplements of fewer calories.


*All the ingredients may change as per servings. [1 Plate]

No. Name Quantity
1 Full Fat Milk 1 liter
2 Gobindobhog Rice ( Soaked In Water For 15 Minutes ) 70 grams
3 Sugar 150 grams
4 Cardamom Pods 4 pieces
5 Bay Leaves 2 pieces
6 Saffron Strands 7 - 8 pieces
7 Ghee 1 tablespoon
8 Cashews 10 - 12 pieces
9 Raisins 15 - 16 pieces
10 Condensed Milk 2 tablespoon
11 Crushed Almonds-Pistachios 1 tablespoon

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Step By Step Process:

After preparing all the ingredients it's time to cook so please read carefully step by step process below.

#1. Take the milk in a deep-bottomed saucepan and allow it to come to a rolling boil. Lower the flame. Add crushed cardamom pods and bay leaves.

Kheer Recipe In Hindi

#2. Take a ladle of boiling milk in a small bowl and stir the saffron strands. Keep it aside.

#3. Add the soaked rice to boiling milk and stir continuously till the rice is boiled 80 percent.

Kheer Banane Ki Recipe

#4. Add the sugar and again stir until the sugar dissolves completely. Add the cashews and raisins.

#5. Add the saffron milk and stir so that the kheer develops a light yellow color.

How To Make Kheer

#6. Add the condensed milk and stir for few minutes.

#7. Finally add the ghee, stir and turn off the flame. Cover the saucepan and allow a standing time of five minutes.

#8. Pour the kheer in a serving bowl and garnish with crushed almond pistachios.

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Mistakes To Avoid:

Make sure to avoid these points while making this recipe.

1. Use a deep-bottomed pan and stir continuously to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom.

2. Dissolve the saffron in warm milk, not in cold milk or water.

3. Add the sugar and condensed milk only after the rice is almost boiled.

4. Once the milk gets the first boil, continue the process in medium to low flame.

5. Discard the cardamom pods and bay leaves before serving.

Additional Information:

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

Cooking Time: 40 Minutes

Recipe Type: Desserts

Recipe Origin: Southern Asia

Recipe Variants: Rice Kheer, Vermicelli Kheer, Sabudana Kheer, etc.

Best For Served With: Individually Dish Enjoyed Simply

Our Ratings: (5/5) (98)

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Advantages Of Kheer:

1. The benefits of kheer are numerous, for starters, it maintains and even improves cardiovascular health. It is rich in fiber, iron, and vitamin C, which make it an ideal addition to any Indian meal.

2. Since it is a low-fat, fat-free sweet dish, adding it to your diet plan allows you to stay fit. Add it to salads, or even to plain rice and make a delicious change to your daily diet.

3. Since it is a sweet dish, it has a negligible amount of calories compared to other sweets, making it an ideal snack for those watching their weight.

Disadvantages Of Kheer:

1. Some people hate to eat sweet dishes.

2. It doesn't have more flavors for the people who want more flavors in dishes.

3. It has more fat than other food in this category, who have health problems like sugar diabetics don't able eat this kind of foods.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Cup

*Percentages Are Based On A Diet Of 2000 Calories A Day.

No. Name Quantity
1 Calories 282 cal
2 Carbs 47 g
3 Dietary Fiber 0 g
4 Sugar 43 g
5 Fat 6 g
6 Saturated 4 g
7 Polyunsaturated 0 g
8 Monounsaturated 0 g
9 Trans 0 g
10 Protein 8 g
11 Sodium 83 mg
12 Potassium 19 mg
13 Cholesterol 21 mg
14 Vitamin A 0 %
15 Vitamin C 0 %
16 Calcium 0 %
17 Iron 0 %

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I hope you got enough information about the Kheer recipe. Thus here is the easiest kheer recipe to be prepared and enjoyed by you and your family. Eat healthily and stay healthy. Happy cooking for you if you like this recipe then share it with your friends and comment down below the post. Thank you so much for reading this recipe.

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